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by Jan 3, 2022Taste

Appleton Estates Cocktails and Cuisine is back again — coming to you straight from the heart of Jamaica! David Morrison, Senior Blender for Appleton Estate Jamaica Rums, invited some discerning foodies to dine with him as they furthered their mission to unearth Jamaican Excellence in food, one meal at a time! The journey began at the last stop of the Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience (JSAERE), in its Black River Lounge, where the motto is: Good food, good rum and good vibes!”

Appleton Estate’s Senior Blender, David Morrison (centre), takes guests through a delightful pairing of Cocktails and Cuisine at the scenic Black River Lounge at the Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience.

Appleton Estate sits in the Nassau Valley, where the best rum in the world makes the journey from cane to cocktail. Visitors pass through the Black River Lounge each week, feasting on their culinary creations paired with exquisite rum cocktails.

At the JSAERE, Chef Nickoy Haynes created two culinary masterpieces for David and his guests: a spicy Jerk Salmon topped with Appleton Estate Pineapple Chutney, made with Appleton Estate 12 Year Old Rare Casks; and Chicken Rouillard, served over creamy sweet potato and sautéed market-fresh vegetables.

Andre Skeen (left), media personality, shares in a toast to Jamaican Excellence with Marlon Campbell, Financial Advisor, Sagicor Life Jamaica.

“Jamaicans are known for our jerk seasoning,” explains the Black River Lounge’s Chef Haynes, “but today we’re gonna throw in a twist and make a jerk salmon. Then we’re going to balance the spice with local sweet potato.” 

As the sweet and spicy aromas leave the pan and fill the kitchen, David garners some nostalgic inspiration. Instantly, he knows what complementary cocktail he’s going to create. 

An elevated spin on a traditional Jamaican dish deserves an elevated spin on a classic Jamaican cocktail. David crafted an Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum Punch. The key ingredient? Appleton Estate’s Signature rum. Shaken with Berry Hill Pimento Liqueur, Fruit Punch Cordial and Pineapple Cordial, then poured over ice and topped with Jamaican Ginger Beer, this Rum Punch puts a modern spin on a beloved classic!

“The fruits in the rum punch combined with the fruity notes in the Appleton Estate rum will really complement the sweet potato and the chicken,” David tells his guests as they raise a toast, their pineapple-garnished glasses poised elegantly against the lush backdrop of the Appleton Estate.

Justine-Renée Jarrett, Managing Director, JR Hair and Beauty Depot takes a selfie with Stacy Earl at the scenic Black River Lounge at the Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience in St. Elizabeth.

“For those having jerk salmon,” David continues, “sweet cuts spice, so it’s the perfect pair for that meal.” Before the guests take their first sip, David cautions them, “I know we’ve all been drinking rum punch since we were old enough to drink responsibly, but you’ve never tried rum punch like this.”

As the guests take a sip, their eyes instantly go wide. They whisper excitedly to each other before diving in for a prolonged second gulp. As they close their eyes, savouring the sweet and spicy flavours of their cocktails, the culinary feast arrives at the table.  

Guests enjoy good food, good rum and good vibes at the Black River Lounge at the Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience.

As the elegantly plated dishes appear, the grins break out once more. Diners take a moment to photograph their elegantly plated meals, then dig in enthusiastically. Instantly, the group is engulfed in a waterfall of sensations as the experience truly lived up to the Black River Lounge’s promise of “good food, good rum and good vibes!”


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