High praise from CHTA

by Dec 27, 2022Pulse

The Caribbean Hotel and Tourist Association (CHTA) has praised the region’s tourism industry, local government authorities and the Caribbean Public Health Association (CARPHA) as a growing number of destinations continue to set record tourism arrivals, expenditures and hotel occupancies.

In a recent message, CHTA President Nicola Madden-Greig lauded hoteliers and tourism and health professionals for closely adhering to prevention protocols recommended by CARPHA in partnership with the association and regional governments.

CHTA President Nicola Madden-Greig

Such diligence, she noted, contributed to tourism’s strong recovery as well as CARPHA’s recent decision to reduce its COVID-19 threat level from “very high” to “moderate-low” for the Caribbean region. She described the move as a testament to “our very successful management of the pandemic”.

Madden-Greig noted that such alertness in the form of adequate surveillance, effective protocols and increased vaccination coverage by hospitality, tourism and government entities allowed most countries in the region to rebound in 2022.

The CHTA chief pointed out that the Caribbean continues to lead the world in its recovery and its members were already welcoming hundreds of thousands of international visitors to their shores for the winter tourist season.

“The reduced threat level is very good news for the sector as the festive and peak winter seasons begin,” said Madden-Greig, who affirmed the tourism industry’s ongoing commitment to providing safe and seamless vacation experiences.

The data supports the region’s impressive performance.

According to Olivier Ponti, VP of Insights at ForwardKeys, CHTA’s data partner, “The Caribbean example is not just about showing a great example of a region recovering but instead about a region that is growing — despite all the macroeconomic factors taking place now such as the slowdown of the world economy, rising costs of petrol and the effects of the war in Ukraine.”


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