‘Jamaica’s Tourism Titans’ podcast launched

by Nov 18, 2022Pulse

The Tourism Product Development Company Ltd, (TPDCo) a public body of the Ministry of Tourism Jamaica, has launched a podcast that will share the inspirational stories of those who have made a significant contribution to the industry. It has been dubbed “Jamaica’s Tourism Titans”.

It will highlight the work industry giants have done in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.

The podcast is expected to inspire listeners to themselves choose one of the many and varied careers in tourism and become ambassadors for this most vital industry.

Marline Stephenson Dalley

“The people of the industry are very much a part of the product. They are the ones who help to create memorable experiences for visitors,” said TPDCo Executive Director, Wade Mars.  “In highlighting their achievements and getting to know them a little better, we hope that others will be inspired to continue to give of their best, as the best is what this industry demands and indeed deserves.”

The programme is hosted by Media and Communications Specialist Marline Stephenson Dalley, who heads the organisation’s Corporate Communications and Community Awareness Department. 

“Jamaica’s Tourism Titans” is broadcast on Anchor Podcast and is also available on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and Spotify. 


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