Saint Martin’s Hommage

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If you’re ever on the ‘friendly island’ of Saint Martin, you have got to check out Hommage Hotel & Residences, overlooking Simpson Bay Lagoon.

Saint Martin is an overseas collectivity of France, located in the Leeward Islands and Lesser Antilles. It shares borders with its sister island, Saint-Maarten, which is Dutch-speaking.

Hommage is located approximately seven kilometres from the Princess Juliana Airport, which serves as a hub for connecting travellers to different Caribbean islands. With a contemporary Creole design theme throughout its 178 spacious rooms, it’s an idyllic oasis between the million-dollar estates of Terres Basses, and Marigot – Saint Martin’s capital and main town.

Hommage has an unmistakably effervescent Caribbean vibe. Part of its charm is the ease with which you can tap into the rhythm of the islands just by sitting on the beach bar’s warm sand, bare toes kissed by a fresh cool breeze, rocking to music with a rhythm that is as familiar as time.

The inviting marina.

Fashionable, but in a truly authentic way, the property pays homage to creatives with works of art tastefully placed throughout the space. Outside, a trail of luxuriant and flowery vegetation effortlessly opens into large alleys that reveal an open-air museum where monumental sculptures and paintings are on glorious display. There is a soothing symbiosis between art and nature, perfect for moments of relaxation by the gigantic swimming pool or under the coconut trees by the seaside.

A view of the sea from within a comfy room at Hommage.

If there’s anything at all you need as you soak up the ambiance of this paradise, members of a dedicated team who can communicate in English, French, and Spanish are on hand to guide you throughout your stay.

Whether you are at Hommage for business or pleasure, be sure to take a few minutes to enjoy the breathtaking view of Nettle Bay (Baie Nettlé) and drink in each spectacular sunrise and sunset.

One of the more quirky pieces of art on display throughout the lush, green property.

You get to start each morning right, caressed by a cool sea breeze while you enjoy a buffet-style breakfast of French pastries, a choice of cereals and exotic fruit. In the evening, try the local cuisine — we recommend a dish called mimi — with a glass of authentic French wine while you enjoy the scenic view of the seashore bathed in moonlight. Before leaving the property, be sure to go for a swim in Nettle Bay then take a boat ride to see the other wonders of the beautiful island.

Text & photos: Oneil Madden


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