‘COME BACK’ to Jamaica

by Nov 3, 2022Pulse

Jamaica has launched a new advertising campaign inviting people to come back to their best selves at the destination. 

“In Jamaica, we’ve been recording arrivals that exceed pre-COVID-19 levels, demonstrating that our travel sector is resilient and so are travellers,” said Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett. “While everyone has been impacted by the pandemic, we want to let everyone know that Jamaica is good for the spirit.  Therefore, it is the ideal destination to help people rediscover their own sense of adventure, natural curiosity, human connection and ultimately realise their most valuable human potential.”

To view the 30-second commercial currently airing in the US market, click here.

Created by the Jamaica Tourist Board’s advertising agency of record, Accenture Song, the campaign showcases Jamaica’s picturesque natural attractions and its friendly, welcoming people working together to help visitors live their best lives.  The campaign was filmed utilising more than 50 local crew members across Jamaica, spanning locations from Portland to St Ann.  Real couples and a real family were cast for the campaign so it would portray an authentic experience.  Campaign music is also an original score created by Jamaican music producers.

“We felt it was important to really show people what Jamaica is all about and what differentiates it from other competitive destinations,” said Director of Tourism at the Jamaica Tourist Board, Donovan White. “While we have plenty of sun, sea, and sand, it’s our uniquely Jamaican culture from our music to our food to our people that really distinguishes us.  These are the reasons travellers choose to come here — so they can experience and connect with our vibe that comes alive.” 

The approach was to create aspirational itineraries tailored to three personas — Adventure Seekers representing a younger demographic discovering Jamaica for the first time, Family Planners representing the young family demographic experiencing a long-anticipated family vacation, and Seasoned Travellers representing an older demographic that has likely visited Jamaica previously. The itineraries are each designed to highlight an array of adventurous, romantic, luxurious, fun and mouth-watering moments to whet potential visitors’ appetite for a genuine Jamaica vacation.


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