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LOCAL adventurers will appreciate the wide range of exotic fruit that can be devoured at the Rastafari Herbal Garden in Bruce Hall, St James.

wned and operated by Thomas Huber, the property boasts small and large fruit trees with tasty treats to entice everyone who journeys through the hills of the western parish to the lush herbal retreat.

Locating the property is easy, however visitors will be required to park their vehicles and embark on a 10-minute hike to get to the tucked-away venue. It’s all worth it, though. Trees laden with juicy Suriname cherries will greet you at the entrance of the herbal garden. This is the perfect opportunity to get your first taste of what the Rastafari Herbal Garden has to offer.

“You are free to pick some. Look for the darkest ones and try them,” Huber urges the Jamaica Observer’s LetsTravelCaribbean.com during a recent visit.

Thomas Huber picking fruits from one of the many exotic trees on his property.

There are countless fruit trees strategically planted across the property, and he says all the fruits are not only nutritious but also tasty. Pointing to a tree bearing a yellow-green fruit, he explains that it is called bilimbi and it’s packed with vitamin C and potassium.

A lot of berries and nuts can also be found across the property, and while many locals are familiar with the sweet taste of mulberry, Huber proudly showcases the not-so-well-known limeberry, Inca peanut and French peanut. He swears by their rich nutritional benefits.

Thomas Huber and guest Martina showing off some of the exotic fruits that can be found at the Rastafari Herbal Garden in Bruce Hall, St James.

The ice cream bean was among the many pleasant surprises at the Rastafari Herbal Garden as the green pod looked nothing like the sweet, cotton candy-like fruit housed inside. It was unlike any other fruit we have ever tasted and Huber was particularly proud to share it.

Owner of the Rastafari Herbal Garden, Thomas Huber pulling apart the ice-cream-bean fruit while his guest Martina looks on.

Trees loaded with black sapote — also called the chocolate pudding fruit— mangosteen, and orange jackfruit were also found all over the Rastafari Herbal Garden.

Guests at the Rastafari Herbal Garden (from left to right) Shalon, Shamoy McLennon and Mateusz enjoying the exotic fruit found across the property.

Huber, who wants to share these trees and their delicious fruits with people across Jamaica, is on a mission to fruitify the islands.

“I don’t think it is fair that I am the only one who lives in paradise and have access to all these fruits so last year a couple friends of mine registered the company. It is a non-governmental organisation, fruitify the islands. We hope to distribute those fruits islandwide so we are looking for farmers [or] homeowners… who are willing to plant fruit trees,” he explains.

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