Knutsford Court Hotel is now ‘Summit’

by Jan 10, 2023Pulse

Novamed, the new owners of Knutsford Court Hotel in New Kingston, Jamaica, have renamed the four-acre property – Summit.

The new name of the soon to be ‘smart business campus’, according to Novamed Founder and Principal, Dr David Walcott, is being revealed on the heels of the completion of the US$40-million deal.

“The deal was done with a specially structured vehicle which took us a few months to complete, and renovation plans have already started for what will be Jamaica’s first smart commercial centre. Our plan is to bring a highly international flavour to Jamaican commercial real estate and use technology to efficiently engage our clients and meet their needs.”

Novamed Principal, Kevin Donaldson, added that, “Summit will facilitate progressive businesses which operate in the finance, fitness, food, health, recreation, legal, ed-tech sectors, among others. Although renovations to the complex are not yet complete, some degree of commercial activity will commence via Summit’s Chelsea Avenue entrance in the coming days.”

When the development is complete, consumers will be able to gain entry to Summit from two easily accessible entrances.

“Summit will be a relaxed and innovative work environment that will provide high levels of tech connectivity for start-ups and mature businesses. We are building a permanent version of the ecosystem platforms we’ve successfully created,” added Novamed Principal Kirk-Anthony Hamilton.

Furthermore, at the centre of the smart city will be The Summit House, a hub where businesses and consumers connect to fuel solutions which drive economic growth.


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