Lavender Moon Villas: Labour of love

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There’s an interesting story behind the name of Ocho Rios’s latest place to stay: Lavender Moon Villas. It’s named in honour of one of the co-owner’s sisters, Natasha Levers, who was fondly called Moony. Lavender was her favourite colour.

“This was done with so much love because she was our lavender moon and now we present you with the Lavender Moon,” said a tearful Natalie Shirley during the official unveiling of the property recently.

She still misses her sister who died from deep vein thrombosis in 2014. She shared the story with the Jamaica Observer’s

Lavender Moon Villas in Breadnut Hill, Ocho Rios.

“She came to visit me in Florida. We had plans to go Black Friday shopping. The night before, we sat and watched TV together, and then she retired to her room. The morning she woke up and was going downstairs; I was still in bed. I heard a thud. She was on the second-to-last step. We moved her, tried getting her to the doctor but it was too late. I kept her on life support but she was to be no more. I closed her eyes two days later,” said Natalie.

Her labour of love on Lavender Moon provided much-needed distraction. Those who know the story behind its name have been supportive.

“I’m overwhelmed with love and support and I can’t wait to see all the great things in store for Lavender Moon,” Natalie said during the grand opening.

She and her husband Val are co-owners.

Lavender Moon owners, Natalie and Val Shirley.

The couple bought and began working on the property in 2019, their first-ever foray into real estate or the tourism industry. It was a challenge.

“It was a rough journey for all of us and COVID didn’t make it any easier; it was like an impossible time. We experienced a lot of difficulties to get the property up and running, but I do appreciate the support and I hope to see you in the future,” said Val during the launch.

The visit will be worth it.

Perched on top of a ridge that offers spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea, Lavender Moon Villas is for those who find joy in life’s simple pleasures… with a touch of luxury. One of the best spots to enjoy the ocean view is its Paradise Lookout sky bar which offers a mouth-watering menu of locally inspired dishes and international favourites. The view is equally stunning from two lower deck bars for those who might have a challenge venturing upstairs.

Each room has its own balcony that offers stunning ocean or hillside views.

Located in the quaint community of Breadnut Hill in Ocho Rios, the property is minutes away from popular attractions. It may be hard to tear yourself away from Lavender Moon, though. An inviting infinity pool, with comfy cushions that beg you to lounge a while, is less than a minute away from the main rooms. Just make your way along well-manicured lawns and elegant walkways. If you want an extended view of the eight-acre property but don’t feel up to walking, hop on one of the go-carts available.

Executive Chef at Lavender Moon Villas, Alando Grant makes his signature shrimp pasta.

There are 13 bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, each a perfect balance between cosy and modern. There are options for single-, double-, and family-sized occupancy. There is also an eight-guest studio as well as three four-guest king suites. 

Lavender Moon Villas has an air of relaxed refinery, clean architectural lines with bursts of captivating colour. It’s a welcome addition to Breadnut Hill in Ocho Rios.

Text & photos: Akera Davis


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