HOTBOX Jamaica: Off the beaten path

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Hotbox Jamaica, a ganja vacation destination, is reintroducing itself to the tourism and entertainment market with a new home and updated attractions for visitors looking for an authentic Jamaican experience.

It now offers guests a three-bedroom Greathouse at the historic Bonham Spring in Exchange, St Ann, where Reggae legend Garnett Silk once lived and created music. Guests will also enjoy access to the Irie River, which snakes through the lush vegetation of the 100-acre property.

The Greathouse

True to its roots, Hotbox Jamaica also provides ganja farm tours and curated cannabis-themed experiences and events such as weddings and parties.

“Jamaica has a special relationship with ganja and it is one of the most identifiable things about the island. Hotbox Jamaica celebrates that and we’re providing an authentic experience of Jamaica’s ganja culture,” said Theresa Kozak of Hotbox Jamaica. “Importantly, we’re also creating a safe environment for our guests to access organic, sun-grown Jamaican ganja from a licensed producer and providing the right setting for them to enjoy it.”

The Hotbox concept first emerged in Canada around 2007 as a consumption lounge for cannabis users. In 2015 it began operations in Negril as a bed and breakfast for adventurous tourists seeking an authentic Jamaican vacation. Over that same period, Jamaica’s medical cannabis industry has slowly evolved as legislation paved the way for access and use of medical cannabis. Kozak pointed out that Hotbox Jamaica is contributing to de-stigmatising the plant by showing how it can be incorporated in regular social activities.

An inside view of the accommodations

“Cannabis has been a part of human civilization for centuries not only as a medicine but for social use and Hotbox Jamaica is offering a guided experience that allows persons to incorporate cannabis in some of their favourite social activities in perhaps the most culturally significant country,” Kozak noted.

The amenities and attractions of Hotbox Jamaica are available to the wider public as the location can be rented and it is open daily to visitors.


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