Still in love

by Jan 5, 2023Love

Thy La and David Bastien chose Royal Decameron Montego Beach as the perfect venue to renew their wedding vows on December 28.

The couple, who live in Quebec, Canada have been married for five years but they’re still very much in love. They declared their undying devotion to each other during a ceremony on the Montego Beach wedding pier, overlooking the sea. The venue was tastefully swathed in delicate white chiffon, with touches of red and green provided by ginger flowers. 

Thy La wore an airy navy blue chiffon sheath, accessorised by a delicate flower-shaped hair piece and a simple bracelet on her right hand. David wore a crisp white shirt, with a red rose above his heart, khaki slacks and comfortable shoes. 

The Bastiens were gracious in their praise for Royal Decameron Montego Beach.

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything. You not only make a special event ever so perfect but without you, our week would have been even more difficult. We appreciated so much of everything that you did for us,” said Thy La.


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