Montserrat’s BIG PLANS

by Sep 24, 2022Pulse

Six days and more than 10 opportunities have been planned to allow Montserrat residents and visitors to experience some of the tours and experiences offered by local businesses during Tourism Week. The celebration has been co-sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Director of the Montserrat Tourism Division, Rosetta West-Gerald said the initial plan to celebrate World Tourism Day on Tuesday, September 27, 2022, has been expanded to include elements of the Environmental Awareness programme which aims to educate residents about the impact and value of Montserrat’s environment to the tourism product.

“Experience Montserrat Like a Tourist provides activities for residents to spend the day enjoying the island in a way many of us don’t take the time to do,” West-Gerald stated. 

The week begins on September 25 with a Village Walking Tour of Salem. On World Tourism Day, September 27 residents can go hiking or participate in a ghaut clean up.

There is a chance to learn more about natural remedies at the Bush Tea and Ducana Garden Tour at the Montserrat National Trust on September 28. There are also two Cassava making classes on the calendar, a birding tour, along with another Village Walking Tour of St John’s.  There will be island tours of either the southern side of the island to include Plymouth and the Montserrat Volcano Observatory or the northern side of the island to include Jack Boy Hill and Silver Hills.

“The Walking Tours we hope will become a product that people from various villages will begin to offer. Each village has its own history and people of note who contributed to where Montserrat is today.  A guide will show attendees iconic buildings and spaces which tell aspects of the island’s story and which make these villages unique,” the director added.

For the more adventurous excursionists there are boat tours, kayaking to Rendezvous, fishing, and snorkelling to enjoy. There is also the option of staying up late to go turtle watching with Scriber’s Adventures. 


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