SOOTHING: Rocky Water Village Mineral Bath

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With Island Routes offering more than 500 tours in 13 destinations across the Caribbean, we turned to them to help us discover fun things to do in Jamaica. The tour company has, after all, “carefully selected the crème de la crème of curated excursions, adventures and escapades”.

In this issue, we begin by immersing ourselves in soothing waters.

A dip in the all-natural Rocky Water Village Mineral Bath at Jamwest Motorsports and Adventure Park in Westmoreland is the perfect way to end a day of adrenaline-filled activities.

The four-foot deep, man-made pool strategically collects spring water flowing down rocks from the hills of Westmoreland. It is believed that the water originates from an underground cave and is filled with healing properties, making it an ideal activity for visitors wanting to relax and forget about the stress of their everyday lives.

Visitors can always expect fresh and clean water inside the mineral bath as it continuously flows.

Guests taking a dip in the mineral bath.

The mineral spring is a complimentary amenity to all visitors of the adventure park and is easily accessible by one of the shuttles on property. It is one of the only activities at the park that does not require a tour guide, but there is a lifeguard on location to ensure your safety.

The Jamaica Observer’s was first introduced to the mineral bath during a previous visit to the Jamwest Motorsports and Adventure Park. Though we were unable to immerse ourselves in the experience then, a trip back to the Little London-based park to enjoy the cool relaxing mineral bath was at the top of our bucket list.

Water trickles from rocky falls into inviting pools.

To make this visit possible we reached out to popular tour company Island Routes whose professional and highly-trained staff were eager to help book a trip. Island Routes worked closely with a team from Jamwest Motorsports and Adventure Park to not only choose a day when the weather was perfect for hours of relaxation and tranquillity, but ensured that we were well taken care of.

On our arrival, we met a group of like-minded visitors who had travelled from the United States of America to enjoy the soothing mineral bath along with the 380-acre park’s many exhilarating adventures and amenities.

Our adventure began with a ride in the back of a truck that took us across the property to access the mineral bath. Our driver Metro, who had spoken highly of the mineral bath on our last trip, was excited to take to its location.

We were impressed with how clean and well-kept the location is. Though there are all the amenities to provide visitors with sanitary conveniences, Jamwest Motorsports and Adventure Park did a good job preserving the space’s natural beauty.

The park’s resident lifeguard, Akeen Pringle.

The park’s resident lifeguard Akeen Pringle greeted his visitors with friendly hellos as they disembarked the truck. He immediately jumped right into sharing fun facts about the mineral bath and wished us all an afternoon of relaxation.

This was all the encouragement we needed.

Jamwest’s mineral bath is a fun activity for all ages because it is not too deep. Adults and children alike can enjoy the soothing water as it gushes from the hills. The best part is that the property is large enough for groups to enjoy quality time without interruption.

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