Camp Irie: A 600-acre adventure

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BOASTING a river, an ATV trail, and Jamaica’s first outdoor laser tag “battleground” on a 600-acre property close to the world-renowned Appleton Estate, is the recently opened Camp Irie Adventures.

The facility conceptualised by father-son duo Rohan and Daniel Miller officially opened in July, giving adventure seekers a new option on the south coast.

Jamaica’s first outdoor laser tag “battleground” is available at Camp Irie Adventures.

Director at Camp Irie Adventures Rohan Miller said following the acquisition of the land in July 2021 the idea came about to integrate the thrill of adventure to further utilise the agriculture-rich property.

“This was originally the Revere bauxite plant in the 1970s; it was closed and the entire facility was scrapped. So when this opportunity came up — 600 acres at a price that sounded very reasonable for us — it was a no-brainer. The next thing was how do you maintain the land,” he shared with Jamaica Observer’s

“You maintain it through agriculture. As a family we decided to go into adventure, ecotourism. We have the land; we have the trails; we have the buildings, the structures, and all sorts of features; we have rivers, crops so we said let us venture into ecotourism,” he added.

His son Daniel Miller, who is business development manager at Camp Irie Adventures, explained that the facility offers adventurers activities including a 30-foot rock climb and a 40-minute ATV trail.

“We [also] have fun board games and activities for everyone to enjoy; laser tag — which is Jamaica’s only outdoor laser tag; battleground where we allow [people] to come and team up against each other. Friends, family and corporate people can come and have a retreat and test their tactical abilities,” he explained.

Camp Irie plans to offer even more exciting experiences that will incorporate the river, which is a vital part of the lush environment.

“In the near future we will have river tubing and fishing and river picnics,” said Daniel.

“We have a spot which we call the Irie Island; people can come and chill on this island where the river completely surrounds the land. You can come and hold a vibes with your family, friends, cook some food and chill,” he explained.

A river at irie island where tubing, fishing and picnicking will soon be offered as part of Camp Irie Adventures.

Although nestled in a remote area of St Elizabeth, Camp Irie can be easily found as it is close to other attractions.

“Camp Irie is strategically located in St Elizabeth. We are not far from… the world-renowned Appleton Estate Rum Tour, we are close to YS Falls, we are very close to Accompong [about five minutes away],” said Rohan.

“Camp Irie rounds out the activities in this section of the south coast so you can make a day trip, a week trip, or a weekend trip out of visiting Appleton, Camp Irie, Breadnut, YS Falls, Accompong and Pelican Bar. We have now allowed this part of the island to be a one-stop shop in terms of adventure, relaxation tourism,” he added.

Reservations for Camp Irie can be made online.


Phone: 876-799-7535

Social media: camp.irie on Instagram and TikTok


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