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 REGULAR patrons of Cannonball Café already know its New Kingston eatery has an extensive menu of delectable dishes. Now there’s even more to enjoy.

 On your next visit be sure to try their steak and cheese sandwich; homestyle mac and cheese; puff pastries that come in ham and cheese, calalloo and cheese, or chicken with cheese. And don’t forget to tell them Jamaica Observer’s told you about the ultimate “decadence in a glass” — Blue Mountain Coffee with chocolate bubble pearls.

The home-style macaroni and cheese is made without any add-ons, just good old-fashioned mac and cheese. Here it’s paired with a fresh salad and bread warm from the grill.

 Cannonball Café has been tantalising taste buds for 18 years. It was then acquired in 2016 by Laura Matalon-Chandley, her sister Karen Matalon, and husband Ian Chandley who operate under the name Two Sisters and a Dog Café Ltd.

Two of the directors and owners of Cannonball Café, Karen Matalon (left) and her sister Laura Matalon-Chandley.

 “It was always a place we loved to visit. It was an amazing little café and coffee shop when we got there and we decided that we wanted to keep it going, so we bought it,” said a delighted Matalon-Chandley during a recent visit.

 In addition to their New Kingston location there are also Cannonball Cafés at Manor Park and Sovereign North.

 Asked about expansion plans, Matalon-Chandley said the focus now is on getting their Ready Ready line into supermarkets across Jamaica. Launched during COVID-19 as a way to get their delicious fare to clients shuttered inside their homes, the packaged meals just need to be heated for 30 minutes, at most. But the trio hasn’t totally dismissed the idea of branching out. It’s just a matter of the stars aligning.

 “We are always willing to go into another location but we are really hands-on with how we run our restaurant; we don’t believe it should be left up to our managers alone. If we find a location and the right partner we will absolutely come to your area. It is not out of the cards,” said Matalon-Chandley.

 For now, she and her team are working hard to ensure clientèle at all three locations enjoy every bite of each delectable meal. There are soups, salads, sandwiches and even homestyle breakfast options; and everything is always beautifully presented.

The steak and cheese sandwich with caramelised onions is well worth a visit.

 “Ninety per cent of our foods do not have preservatives in it and we do our best to buy local,” said Matalon.

 It was a comment fully endorsed by Matalon-Chandley.

 “It’s value for money. No food you will get from us is old or stale,” she promised.

 With menu items made to order the ladies warn that dishes may take a while. But trust us, it’s well worth the wait.

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Text: Brittny Hutchinson
Photos: Karl McLarty


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