NEEDED: Global tourism resilience fund

by Sep 26, 2022Pulse

As destinations worldwide continue their recovery efforts from the impact of COVID-19, Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett says a Global Tourism Resilience fund is needed now, more than ever.  

Speaking at the 5th Tourism Expo Japan (TEJ) Ministerial Roundtable in Tokyo, Minister Bartlett made an urgent appeal for the creation of a Global Resilience Fund especially for small tourism dependent countries. 

The TEJ Ministerial Roundtable was executed in conjunction with the United Nations World Tourism Organization, under the theme, ‘Tackling Climate Change; Tourism Stakeholders’ Endeavors Sub Theme: Coexisting with COVID-19 in the Post-Pandemic World and Solutions for the New Tourism Industry’. Tourism Minsters & Commissioners from eight countries and top executives from four international tourism organisations participated. 

Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett during his presentation at the 5th Tourism Expo Japan (TEJ) Ministerial Roundtable in Tokyo.

“As destinations continue to find strategies to fully recover from the pandemic, there is a need for a strengthening of economic capacity to help them rebuild and recover even better. This economic support is needed even more now as the pandemic has brought with it, its own set of disruptions that may have a more negative impact than the pandemic itself,” said Bartlett.  

The fund would target destinations that are recognised as facing high vulnerability but have insufficient financial capacity to prepare for and recover quickly from disruptions. The fund would therefore be designed to help build capacity to respond to disruptive threats to the economic sustainability of tourism-dependent countries.  

“My call for the establishment of this Global Tourism Resilience Fund is critical as tourism remains one of the most vulnerable industries that is affected significantly by disruptions such as pandemics and climate events such as hurricanes,” added Bartlett. 


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