Grego’s: Come for the food, stay for the vibes

by Jan 26, 2023Taste

GREGO’S Seafood Bar and Grill in Junction, St Elizabeth, is known for offering some of the best seafood in Jamaica’s southern belt but what makes the eatery extremely special is the spectacular customer service that is delivered along with the tasty meals.

Owned and operated by Murphy and Halcyol Greg, the seafood bar and grill has been a very pleasant blend of southern hospitality and consistency since its opening in May of 2018.

Proud owners of Grego’s Seafood Bar and Grill, Murphy and Halcyol Greg.

Along with a diverse menu to choose from, customers are greeted with good vibes and positive energy once they enter the gates of the restaurant and bar conveniently located on the Bull Savannah Main Road. The friendly and efficient waitresses and bartenders are always prepared to make your day brighter.

There is also an overall push to ensure customer satisfaction and comfort at Grego’s Seafood Bar and Grill. According to Murphy, this has played a big role in their success as people have travelled from other parishes to enjoy a relaxing afternoon or night at the popular spot.

Co-owner of Grego’s Seafood Bar and Grill Halcyol Greg (front, left) surrounded by her team.

He notes that though hungry customers flock to the seafood bar and grill at all hours of the day, their weekly themed nights have also been a crowd favourite. With choices like Grego’s Retro Wednesdays and an after-work jam on Fridays, there is always something for everyone to enjoy.

“What we have created is not just a restaurant or a bar but we have [an] eclectic vibe. People come here just to chill and dance because we have created themed nights. Our biggest night now is Grego’s Retro Wednesdays, and we cater to both the young and old,” says Murphy.

He adds, “People from all walks of life come here and once they come, they spread the word that the best restaurant in Jamaica right now is Grego’s.”

Halcyol believes that the quality of their food also speaks for itself. She says their jerk fish served with jerk corn has always left customers yearning for more, and the well-stocked bar is the best in town.

Murphy agrees.

“People speak to the service delivery as it relates to the consistency of our food, and people speak to the variety of cocktail blends that we have,” he says.

The husband and wife team has built up quite a reputation, and even customers who don’t particularly care for seafood will be happy they stopped by.

“If you are not a seafood fan we do offer other options. We do a variety of pasta, so you can get vegetable or chicken pasta. We also do chow mein and wings,” says Halcyol.

“Our wings have been deemed to be better than even the most famous chicken house in the place. Our coconut wings are a big seller. We want to ensure that when you visit Grego’s you get the very best of everything we have to offer,” Murphy chimes in.


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