It’s cruise season!

by Oct 27, 2022Pulse

JAMAICA’S 2022 cruise season is underway and tourism players are eager to see how the sector will perform now that measures put in place during the height of the novel coronavirus pandemic have largely eased.

Since September 5, ships are allowed to board unvaccinated passengers once they test negative and vaccinated passengers do not have to test.

In a sit-down with the Jamaica Observer’s, executive director of Jamaica Vacations Ltd (Jamvac) Joy Roberts said these changes have already boosted the numbers for September and the numbers for October are being keenly watched. In 2019, one of the best years ever for tourism overall, Jamaica welcomed 1.5 million cruise ship passengers. As the industry rebuilds, the expectation is that we will once again hit those numbers in the 2023/24 season.

In her interview, Roberts speaks about efforts being made to boost the number of passengers, how the make-up of visitors to the island’s ports has changed, and plans to once again roll out a strategy to convert cruise passengers into hotel guests. We also take a look at the local market for cruise travel, with tips on how you can book your dream vacation on the seas.


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