Bryan is new CTO head

by Sep 18, 2022People, Pulse

Cayman Islands Minister of Tourism, Kenneth Bryan has been elected as the new chairman of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO). This follows last Tuesday’s Annual General Meeting which was part of the CTO Business Meetings and Caribbean Aviation Day Event staged at the Ritz-Carlton in the Cayman Islands.

Bryan assumes the chairmanship of the CTO Council of Ministers for the next two years and replaces the outgoing chairman, Lisa Cummins, the Minister of Tourism for Barbados.

“I’m honoured and excited to take over the mantle of the CTO chairmanship because I recognise, like all other members, that there needs to be some reform and restructuring, particularly with respect to air travel and marketing,” Bryan said. “So I’m ready to take on the challenge, in collaboration with my regional colleagues, of finding a new way forward, as well as addressing any issues we have within the organisation to improve efficiency and focus.”

Bryan praised Cummins for overseeing the CTO’s chairmanship during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you to former chairman Lisa Cummins for the hard work that she did over a very difficult period, particularly in managing a very important organization when the whole region was dealing with difficulties in tourism, brought on by the pandemic,” he said. “To keep it alive and to keep it afloat when at one point we were in danger of people just giving up on the theory of what CTO stands for, I want to thank her for that.”

Rosa Harris, the Cayman Islands Director of Tourism, will serve as chairman of the CTO Board of Directors for the next two years.


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