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by Jan 9, 2022Taste

Appleton Estate’s Cocktails and Cuisine has arrived at one of Montego Bay’s hottest lifestyle entertainment destinations: Pier 1. David Morrison, Senior Blender for Appleton Estate Jamaica Rums, along with his band of discerning foodies, visited Jamaica’s second city, on their mission to unearth the heart of Jamaica, one meal at a time. Today’s goal: to create a harmonious dining experience! As David says, let’s dive in!

Guests enjoy good food, good rum and good vibes at the scenic Pier 1, courtesy of Appleton Estate.

“Pier 1 in Montego Bay is not just a restaurant, it’s an attraction,” heralds David as he stands on the peninsula overlooking the bay, as windsurfers grapple with Mother Nature in the background. Pier 1 is an open-air restaurant, bar and entertainment centre that has been operated by the Russell family since 1986. Considered a pillar of Montego Bay’s cultural scene by local Montegonians, Pier 1 has earned a reputation for producing innovative cuisine, delectable cocktails, and a roaring good time.

David meets Pier’s 1’s Head Chef Shawna-Kaye Baker, who prepared two seafood dishes for our gastronomic adventurers. The first was Pier 1’s Signature Lobster served atop Irish potatoes and market-fresh vegetables in a signature sauce. The secret ingredient?  Appleton Estate 8 Year Old Reserve, of course! The second dish was Chef Baker’s signature dish, a flaky white fish, pan-seared with local seasonings and deglazed with Appleton Estate 8 Year Old Reserve.

Pier 1’s Signature Lobster served with Irish potatoes and market-fresh vegetables, paired with Joy’s Cocktail, made with Appleton Estate Reserve.

“The spicy notes that come through from Appleton Estate’s 8 Year Old Reserve are an excellent complement to lobster and fish,” expounds David as the pan sizzles over the fire, releasing delectable aromas that inspire his imagination.

Before David unveils the cocktails he crafted to complement the seafood dishes, he gives his companions a little insight into his process.

Flaky white fish, pan-seared with local seasonings and deglazed with Appleton Estate 8 Year Old Reserve.

“I want everyone to throw out the notion that when we’re talking about food that we’re talking about just food,” begins David. “The only way to have a complete gastronomic experience is to make sure what you’re eating matches up to what you’re drinking, which in this case, is the award-winning Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum. It’s this pairing that makes a wonderful overall experience.”

This is when David introduced the two cocktails he created with Appleton Estate Rums. The first was the Appleton Estate Stormy Valley, made with 1 ½ ounces of AE Signature Blend, three ounces of ginger beer and two dashes of Angostura Bitters. The second is Joy’s Cocktail, which begins by muddling a wedge of orange then adding one ounce AE 8YO Reserve, three ounces of ginger ale and five drops Angostura Bitters. To finish, garnish with an orange peel.

“You will detect some spices, hints of vanilla, and some nice orange peel coming through in these cocktails that perfectly complement your seafood,” says David as the delectable meals appear at the table. Guests close their eyes as they savour the harmony of their cocktails paired with their meals. Their expressions say it all: they’ve found the harmony that David was speaking about before.

“Think about what you’re drinking and what’s accompanying it,” David advises the viewer, “because that’s the ingredients of a memorable experience.” The journey continues over the next few weeks, as David and his guests traverse the island, intent on discovering Jamaican Excellence!


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