Tingalaya’s Retreat — serenity at its best

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TUCKED into the windswept seaside cliffs of Negril’s West End is Tingalaya’s Retreat, an intimate hideaway perfect for those looking to rejuvenate by being one with nature. With eight cosy bungalows surrounded by lush greenery, the 4.5-acre private property is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of big city life.

Guests have their choice of Tingalaya’s rustic and spacious one-bedroom cottages — the Great House, Sea Grape Cottage, Sunset Cottage and Seaview Cottage — or the adjoining two-bedroom Butterfly and Hummingbird bungalows.

The Hummingbird bungalow.

Each bungalow comes with a large bathroom, daybeds perfect for leisurely solo lounging, and inviting seating nooks for those who have travelled with friends and loved ones. Strategically placed standing and ceiling fans keep the space comfortably cool.

The spacious lounging area inside the Great House Cottage.
A look at the rustic bathroom inside the Seaview Cottage.

Without the distraction of TVs and other electronic devices inside the bungalows and lounge areas — even though Internet service is available — serenity is the order of the day at Tingalaya’s Retreat. For yoga-loving guests looking to dig deeper into the spiritual and mental exercise there is a spacious yoga room on property; the soothing sound of chirping birds is the perfect complement to the workout. Visitors are said to travel from near and far, several times each year, to enjoy yoga retreats at Tingalaya’s. Though these yogis are a big part of the boutique hotel’s target market, it is also popular with young couples and families who choose it for a relaxing vacation year after year.

The spacious yoga room.

At Tingalaya’s Retreat there are so many ways to unwind. With the seaside property’s perfectly positioned gazebos, breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea and ocean-fed cliffside pool, it never fails to captivate.

The property feels like a warm, welcoming home. In addition to four friendly dogs on property, be sure to keep an eye out for scampering sea crabs, brightly hued lizards that live in the trees, and all the other elements of nature one would expect in an authentic Jamaican environment.

The ambiance is perfectly complemented by scrumptious meals.

Made from locally grown ingredients, the complimentary breakfast at Tingalaya’s Retreat is the perfect start to any day. Using fresh fruits and vegetables from their backyard garden, the property’s Manager Sophia James ensures that each guest has a healthy breakfast.

Other meals can be prepared on request, at an additional cost. There is also a kitchen on property for guests who want to make their own meals; or sustenance can be sought from any of Negril’s popular restaurants and entertainment spots that are nearby.

Tingalaya’s Retreat is the perfect place for travellers who have a deep love and appreciation for nature’s bounty and beauty. It is an experience worth having.


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