Coconut anyone?

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Whenever you’re busy shopping at the many souvenir shops or one of the seven duty and tax-free retailers at Main Street Jamaica in Rose Hall, St James, you must stop to enjoy a freshly cut coconut from vendor Anthony Reynolds.

The 32-year-old from the neighbouring parish of Trelawny serves up what we have found to be the most refreshing coconuts across town, with a bit of friendly banter on the side.

As he chats about this and that, he skillfully uses a sharp knife to get past the tough outer husk, carve out an opening from which the liquid elixir can flow and then, if you wish, split open the hard shell so you may access the creamy white ‘meat’ inside.

Reynolds as he skillfully uses a sharp knife to carve an opening in the coconut.

It’s only been three months since Reynolds started offering the sought-after locally grown fruit at Main Street Jamaica, but he’s overjoyed by his daily experiences.

“I’ve worked with tourists before at the Martha Brae Rafting Village in Trelawny, but here at Main Street Jamaica, is a very good experience. I love this job and I love to communicate with the tourists who come to purchase coconuts,” he says.

“I get to meet new people every day and the energy is always right,” Reynolds added with a broad and very contagious smile.

His friendly chatter, coupled with his eagerness to educate customers, has made him popular with those who stop by Main Street Jamaica.

“When I first came here I heard that the coconuts were never being sold out. But since I’ve been here interacting with the guests, they have been gravitating towards it more. We have to tell them what it is because sometimes they really do not know as they have never seen it before. So, I always explain what is and what it does for them,” Reynolds says.

He adds with a chuckle, “I always tell them that it is good for their heart, skin and other places too. And they are always interested after hearing about that part.”

When next you journey to Main Street Jamaica, be sure to add a refreshing coconut from Reynolds. You won’t regret it.

Location: Main Street Jamaica, Rose Hall, St James

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Price: US$5 for visitors and JMD$350 for locals


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