Medical tourism gets a boost

by Nov 25, 2021Pulse

Jamaica’s efforts to stamp its mark on the medical tourism market is set to get a boost, with owner of US-based L’Elite MediSpa, Richina Lukes-Milledge, announcing plans to expand her New York-based operations into Montego Bay.

“We would like to introduce medical tourism into Jamaica and we are going to do that at the luxurious Bambu Villa in Montego Bay. So, L’Elite MediSpa will be at the villa and this is our way of tapping into the industry and bringing the new world of health and wellness tourism to Jamaica,” Lukes-Milledge, a nurse practitioner with over 20 years of experience, said during a panel discussion at the third staging of the Jamaica Health and Wellness Tourism Conference recently.

“This will be for visitors who stay at the Bambu Villa, as well as people within the community to have access to some health and wellness services and our aesthetics services. It is not just about the services which we provide, because people can offer services anywhere, it is really about the experience. This is a beautiful country so you’re not only getting the services, but you are also getting the Jamaican experience while doing that,” she added.

According to its website, L’Elite MediSpa – currently located in Brooklyn and  Long Island – offers a full line of medical aesthetics. Services include botox treatment, IV vitamin infusion session, laser hair removal, hair restoration, and a full line of facials.

All treatments are performed exclusively by licensed registered nurses and aestheticians, the website said. This was reiterated by Lukes-Milledge, who also pointed out that she believes this partnership with Bambu Villa will provide locals with job opportunities in health and wellness tourism.

“Our team is made up of experienced and advanced health-care professionals. We are highly educated in the services that we provide and we are able to train people to become health-care professionals.  It will be great coming to Jamaica because we can train people from the local community in the services that we are going to provide. So it is a win-win situation, bringing the world of health and wellness, as well as bringing jobs to the country so that people can actually learn how to sustain a career in health and wellness,” she noted.

Lukes-Milledge, who is a breast cancer survivor, shared that L’Elite MediSpa was conceptualised after she finished treatment for the potentially deadly disease. She noted that she recognised her own desire to “feel whole again” after receiving aggressive chemotherapy.

“When I finished treatment I was beaten up physically, emotionally, and mentally because it was a lot to go through over that period of two years. And, even though my doctor told me that I was healed, I wasn’t reassured, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and started researching different health initiatives,” she recounted.

She noted that the services and knowledge which she garnered over the years are now being shared with others who may need to rejuvenate after similar experiences.

“We not only provide the services, but we educate our clients on a healthier lifestyle… because we really want to promote wellness and having you feel good, look good, and stay well,” said Lukes-Milledge.


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