Jobs coming as Royal Caribbean returns to Jamaica

by Sep 30, 2021Pulse

Royal Caribbean International, which will resume limited calls to the country in November, is hoping it will be able to provide Jamaicans with thousands of jobs. The senior leadership team of the second largest cruise line in the world informed Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett of the resumption date during a meeting in Miami, Florida this week.

They added that once a number of logistical matters — some of which are outside Jamaica’s remit — are effectively resolved they will be in a position to significantly boost cruises to Jamaica, bringing in tens of thousands of fully vaccinated cruise visitors. The senior executives also reiterated their very strong desire to employ thousands of Jamaicans across a wide range of job functions and are awaiting government’s regulatory amendments to make it a reality.

“We have a few pressing matters to resolve forthwith so that they can boost cruises to Jamaica and in return boost economic and social livelihoods of thousands of Jamaicans who depend directly and indirectly on the cruise industry,” said a delighted Bartlett. “Beyond that, the Government will move speedily in facilitating the cruise line’s efforts to employ thousands of Jamaicans, for what are truly exciting job opportunities that will have a positive impact for many. Our people are in demand and the cruise lines are fully cognisant of this.”


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