Future proofing the tourism industry

by Jun 20, 2022Pulse

Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett will be part of a high-level panel discussion on ways to future-proof the international tourism industry so that it can withstand global shocks. The talks, which will be held on June 22, are part of the Commonwealth Business Forum 2022 being held in Kigali, Rwanda.

“This discussion is quite timely in light of all the challenges that are facing the global economy in general as well as industries such as tourism. It is the coming together for discussions such as this that will help us find suitable solutions to protect our destinations and our economies,” said Bartlett.

The panel discussion will focus on how Commonwealth countries will ensure that efforts towards industry recovery and growth will prioritise environmental sustainability and conservation, among other key areas.

“The tourism industry will only be sustainable if we continue to take proactive steps to ensure that we foster tourism development that meets the current needs of tourists, the tourism industry and host communities without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs,” the minister noted.

Following his stop in Rwanda, Bartlett will travel to Lisbon, Portugal on Monday June 27 to attend the 2022 United Nations Ocean Conference. Co-hosted by the Governments of Kenya and Portugal, the Conference will focus on, among other things, shared solutions to boost the recovery of the tourism sector that are anchored in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs.


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