Digital future for Jamaica’s tourism

by Oct 13, 2021Pulse

Plans are well under way to create a digital experience for Jamaica’s tourism product, according to Director of Tourism at the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB), Donovan White. About a dozen virtual tours of interesting places across Jamaica have already been created. They are available at, accompanied by written content.

 “Our digital experience is a part of our growth over the last three years.  Building a product takes some amount of time and we are very well advanced. We have spent a lot of the time during the pandemic creating new content,” White said during a recent Jamaica Information Service (JIS) ‘Think Tank’ at the agency’s head office in Kingston.

Over the next several months, the JTB director said, the tourism ministry and its agencies will work on a data management system and the transfer of data to information experiences.

“Using data mining is a critical component to address our ability to target, retarget, reach new markets and to penetrate markets even deeper and wider than we can today,” he pointed out.

He explained that there would be “several evolutions” of the digital experience, adding that the digital transformation of the sector is integral to the ministry’s Blue Ocean Strategy for tourism. The Blue Ocean model, he said, “allows for your strategy to go into places where your competition does not compete with you or will have a hard time catching up with you in the short term”.

 “We are working to have that kind of approach to our thinking, to our strategic modelling, and so that our digital transformation will form part of that experience because, to date, we are still one of the few destinations that play in that space aggressively,” he added.

The JTB is an agency of the Ministry of Tourism. It is charged with a mission of marketing the tourism product so that Jamaica remains the premier Caribbean tourism destination.

Source: JIS


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