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With her handmade vibrant and creative resort wear, young Jamaican designer Selah Brown is looking to ‘hem’ herself into the travel and tourism industry with her clothing line, Selah&Co.

Brown, a 32-year-old Kingstonian, was first introduced to the world of garment making in 2013 after desiring a more “Jamaican Bohemian flare” in her closet.

“Honestly, I did not have a passion for sewing and I literally just felt like I needed to start making my own clothes because I was just tired of wearing the same mundane and normal clothes that I would see everybody in,” she says.

“I’ve just always wanted to stand out,” adds the proud Jamaican woman.

Young designer and founder of Selah&Co, Brown (third left) showcasing some of her creative designs.

While embracing her roots, she also felt the need to “uplift” and encourage other women to do the same with her clothing designs. This, she says, “birthed” Selah&Co in early 2020.

“Selah&Co was birthed from a passion of wanting to uplift women and I was seeking to do this through their image. I felt like we needed to step away from the common everyday look that people would go for and wear something that is more regal, elegant and Jamaican,” Brown tells

In her collection are two-piece sets, women’s trousers and dresses, she says.

After showcasing her pieces at several Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF)-endorsed events such as the recent staging of Market at the Lawn at Devon House in Kingston, Brown is ready to take the take a bigger step into the tourism industry

“The week before [Market at the Lawn] we were at Conu’co Market at the Cove. So, any time there is a pop-up shop or any opportunity to showcase my pieces, I tend to present myself there because it is good exposure,” she says.

Brown did not miss the chance to show off her resort wear line at the recent staging of Conu’co Market on the Cove in St Ann.

But, Brown shares, having her line of resortwear in gift shops across the island is “another great opportunity for Brand Jamaica to be present”. This would also be a dream come true for the young designer who believes her clothing pieces allow women to feel like royalty.

“They are royal clothing pieces which are very comfortable. Wearing them, you feel very elegant… like a queen, which was my intention behind the line,” says Brown.

While sharing that her Rastafarian background influences the style of clothing which she creates, the designer points to bigger things in the future as she seeks to remain “modest” with her resortwear.

“I grew up in a Rastafarian home and we are always modest. I wanted to still be sexy but modest, and my clothing line is also inspired by my own personal style because I want women to feel sexy and confident while being modest,” she told

“I want my lines to be seasonal… I want to do individual collections without repeating the pieces too much. It is resortwear but I’m looking into more minimalistic colours because…. I feel like the trend of fashion is moving towards minimalistic colours – so the creams, browns, burnt orange and earth tones are in,” Brown adds. 


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