Pimento Hill House Awaits

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Built in 1952 by Count and Countess Di Sibour, Pimento Hill House sits on an expansive hillside property in Unity, St James, with views of an endless horizon of deep blue Caribbean Sea. Its storied past is as impressive as the property.

The Count, a WWI flying ace was friends with American aviation pioneer and author Amelia Earhart. He and his first wife, Violette Selfridge, flew solo around the world in the ’30s, having their black-tie, big game-hunting gear and ball dresses forwarded to their various destinations! He then married Vera McNair, daughter of the very wealthy Isaac Vail Brokaw, renowned for her construction and design of the Elvira Brokaw McNair Mansion on 5-7 East 79th Street, New York.

The luxury of space and reflection: mirrored walls bring the outside garden in.

So the villa was built by two incredibly glamorous people who hosted a veritable roll call of the who’s who holidaying at the nearby Round Hill. Indeed, Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip stayed at Pimento Hill at the end of their Caribbean tour.

In 1966 the Count sold the villa to Rosser Reeves, who was a hugely successful advertising executive and upon whom, apparently, the character of Don Draper in Mad Men is based. He in turn sold it to a German artist in the ’70s. A rough spell followed where it fell into disrepair until it was purchased by a local contractor who had bought it as it had special memories for him… he remembered working on building it with his father.

Marble floor and straw mats offer barefoot elegance.

The house was sold once more to the existing owners, engaging travellers who, having been visitors to Jamaica for many years, fell in love with the island and searched for the right house to call home. It was a perfect match!

SW Interior Design has been lucky enough to become part of the gentle transformation, both architectural and design, to the grandeur of days gone by. With understanding and sensitivity about the history and glamour of this property they are slowly unearthing the amazing water gardens that used to be open to the public in the ’70s, transforming the rooms with locally made warm wickers, softly vibrant fabrics and glamorous wallpapers of trailing orchids and hummingbirds.

The Messel-inspired pool fountain reflects the design of Caribbean living in its heyday.

The whimsical Messel-inspired swimming pool fountain is now shaded by a high peaked ceiling which offers open views from the waterfalls of the night gardens to the seas beyond. There is swing and charm and a James Bond sense of elegance and daring.

The Queen’s letter of congratulations to the new owners of this stunning property speaks not only to the elegance and importance of the history of this wonderful house, but also to the sensitivity and commitment of the new ownership. Their connection with Jamaica will result in investment that not only preserves and develops one of our magnificent properties, but encourages and promotes personal luxury travel for those seeking a truly multifaceted authentic Jamaican experience.


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