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Latitude Bar and Grill is the perfect spot to chill out with friends after a long day at work. With deliciously prepared meals and large television screens to watch your favourite sporting events, an evening of relaxation that offers a break from the rigours of daily life is a promise kept at this sports bar.

Located in the mixed-use community of Bogue in Montego Bay, Latitude Bar and Grill has been a favourite among locals in the second city and its environs for the last 14 years, says owner Corrie Barnett.

Owner Corrie Barnett

“We are like a family here, so most of my customers are repeat customers. You will see them today, and you will also see them tomorrow because the food and comradeship that we have here are very nice,” he says.

The sports bar’s chef Javaughn Fennel can make any day better with his tasty smoked pork and rum barbecue wings. Barnett says these are the two most requested dishes at Latitude Bar and Grill, and he believes their smoked pork is among the best on their side of the island.

Shrimp Alfredo, one of the favourites at the popular hangout.

Their menu features a wide variety of mouth-watering meals, from shrimp Alfredo to juicy beef burgers. But being a sports bar, Latitude Bar and Grill mostly serves up appetizers to those who enter its doors to catch a game on TV.

“I have a lot of customers that come and watch matches, so we have a lot of finger food and appetizers,” Barnett says.

Your sporting preference is a priority at Latitude Bar and Grill, and there are enough screens to ensure you never miss a game. Whether you are a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers or Manchester United, the sports bar will cater to the needs of every fanatic.

Visitors may also choose between the sports bar’s outdoor and indoor seating arrangements without the fear of missing out on the action, as televisions are strategically placed across the property. Barnett also knows that a sports bar is incomplete without a well-stocked bar, and his experience working with a local rum company gives him an advantage in this department.

Smoked pork and rum-barbecued wings served with mashed sweet potatoes.

“I know rum, so our [selection] is wide… from aged rum to regular rum. You can get your blended juice [and] if you are a person who likes scotch and whiskey, we have that for you,” he says.

Riding solo or hanging with your crew, Latitude Bar and Grill is the place to laugh a little too loudly and enjoy the company of like-minded visitors. On top of that, a car wash is located on the property, so you can grab a meal while your car is being cleaned.

Barnett says the gates of Latitude Bar and Grill are always open to those wanting to unwind and relax in a safe environment.

“Everybody wants to go somewhere they feel welcomed, and everybody is welcomed here,” he adds.  

Location: Temple Gallery Road, Bogue Industrial Estates, Montego Bay
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 10:00 am to 11:00 pm
IG: latitude_bar


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