Stush in the Bush… and open for business

by Jul 8, 2021Taste

The award-winning Stush in the Bush on the elevated plains of FreeHill St Ann closed its doors on March 13, 2020 but the reopening took place in spectacular style on August 9, 2020. Heeding COVID-19 protocols and the desire to make people feel comfortable dining, principals Lisa and Chris Binns crafted a delivery system of sorts to ensure that meals were touched only by patrons. Indeed, courses were presented in IngenBio ‘unbleached’, compostable fibre bowls with lids.

Passion fruit shells on the vine inspired by a recent visit by the Binnses to La Colombe Restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa.

Thankfully, there remains Stush in the Bush bespoke mingling plates by Baughaus that have always been a special part of the dining experience, plus wooden chargers by Bartley’s All Wood. Forever locavores, forever supportive of local and the community the Binnses shared how they used the ‘sabbatical’ to reflect, write, create space for creative work, dig deep into farming and regenerative practices, and just breathe.

Stush in the Bush co-principals Chris and Lisa Binns welcome guests back and unveil their latest culinary innovations.

“We are fortunate to have green space, and a farm to support us in these times. Having time to reconnect to why we chose what we did in the first place has been quietly joyful. After the initial month-and-a-half, we began to bring in staff in duos and under strict sanitisation protocols to generate product using what is coming in on farm and locally available, and obviously to help support their livelihoods. As a result, new products have been born…”

Red, gold, and green pepper trio from left: Don’t Tek a 6 for a 9; Blow Fyah; and Piri Piri

Some of these tasty treats include Bajan (BAY-jun) pepper sauce, Strawberry Rosé Conserve made from local strawberries and South African Delheim Pinotage Rosé, Spicy Banana Jam and Herb Spiced Pickled Beets.

“We have been exploring vegan cheeses, and adding to our Cashew Ricotta, Cheese Sauce, and Vegan Parmesan with Herbed Vegan Cheese, Cheddar, and Almond Ricotta. We are still playing with a Vegan Mozzarella,” Lisa shared. 

Photos: Naphtali Junior
Source: Thursday Food, Jamaica Observer. First published August 20, 2020


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