Plantation Smokehouse heads to Kingston

by May 26, 2022Taste

BY the first week of June, foodies in Kingston who have long-craved easier access to Plantation Smokehouse will have just that as the St Ann-based eatery will open a location at 33 Constant Spring Road.

It’s a bold move by owner Alywn “Brown Speed” Brown but he thinks it’s time. Plantation Smokehouse opened its doors in Richmond, St Ann, in February 2020, an addition to the popular Sharkies Seafood Restaurant. It describes itself as St Ann’s first smokehouse.

Able to accommodate about 2,000 guests, it was designed and built to showcase Jamaica’s rich history in food and music and its natural landscape. It sits on two and a half acres of land so there’s plenty of space. And, in addition to dine-in options, delivery and kerbside pickup service are also available.

It seems to be doing something right. In 2021 it copped a Traveller’s Choice Award, recognition for delivering an unforgettable experience to customers.

“This move into Kingston will only enhance the brand because we are going there with the same quality food and service and there are more people for us to target. So, I expect that the move will build the brand even better,” Brown tells

“We were invited to open the location and so we just plan to move in and make a [splash],” he says of the upcoming foray into the capital city.

The invitation, he said, came from Owners of Di Lot Limited, “the newest entertainment venue in Kingston”. 

The plan is to make the new location a bit different from the flagship venue in St Ann.

“Kingston will be different from Richmond because it will include other restaurants and attractions, as it’s a different type of venue. Customers should look forward to a different and great experience overall,” says Brown who’s opting to keep details close to his chest for now.

One thing that’s not expected to change is the quality of the food. Over the years there has been an unwavering demand, he says, for the scrumptious dishes on their dynamic menu at the St Ann location — a palette-pleasing potpourri of Asian, American and Jamaican cuisine.

“We don’t want to cut down who is coming to St Ann but there are persons in Kingston who would like the experience but they are not mobile — so we are taking it to them,” Brown says.

“We already have a stage set up in Kingston for live entertainment because our aim is to deliver the same quality food and entertainment in Kingston,” he adds.

There is a live band every Friday at the Richmond, St Ann location. In Kingston, Brown hints, patrons should look out for some of their favourites from the St Ann venue as well as new acts.



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