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A visit to Trelawny’s Ocean Eden Bay would not be complete without a delicious meal from the property’s high-end dining option, Privilege Restaurant.

Known for its well-prepared gourmet meals, the eatery caters to eager vacationers searching for an exclusive dining experience that will leave them yearning for more.

Privilege Restaurant

Diners may choose between comfortable and relaxed indoor dining or venturing outside to overlook beautiful white sand beach.

During our recent visit we chose the latter option, a decision shaped by the gorgeous property coupled with the soothing sounds of waves caressing the glistening sand.

In keeping with the four-month-old all-inclusive resorts’ eco-friendly practices, diners are encouraged to use their smartphones to scan the Privilege Restaurant’s QR code that’s strategically placed on the tables. This is a preferred means of accessing the mouthwatering menu. It only takes a minute, and there are English and Spanish menus available – a nod to visitors journeying from Spanish-speaking countries.

One resort guest who swore by the restaurant’s Salmon Montadito recommended that we choose it for our appetizer.

Salmon Montadito

Served on two slices of baguette, the perfectly smoked salmon was perfectly complemented by cream cheese, boiled eggs, juicy red tomatoes, and purple onions. Yum!

We may be biased from our recent visit, but we dare say Privilege Restaurant has the best fried calamari you will find across the Ocean Eden Bay property. With fried okra and a delectable tartar sauce on the side, it’s no wonder this mouth-watering dish is a favourite among diners.

Fried calamari

Deciding on a main course was the most difficult part of our culinary foray; everything on the menu sounded delicious and worth trying. We took the advice of one of the restaurant’s executive chefs and found ourselves with a beautiful, breaded salmon served with a creamy risotto, cherry tomatoes, and broccoli.

Breaded salmon served with a creamy risotto, cherry tomatoes, and broccoli

Before that scrumptious meal was completed, a juicy rib eye steak was placed on the table. Not only was it cooked to perfection, but it was very tasty. The rich, flavour-packed demi-glacé drizzled across the rib-eye steak tied the meal together perfectly. We could not resist sampling Privilege Restaurant’s most requested steak.

Privilege Restaurant’s most requested meal, the rib-eye steak served with fresh vegetables, mashed potatoes and fried plantain chips.

Now we, too, understand why it is so loved.

After a tip that the restaurant’s host of desserts is the most talked about at Ocean Eden Bay, we had to save a little space for a sweet treat. We settled on the French-inspired Napoleon Crème Slice. It was the perfect ending to a tasty and filling lunch at Ocean Eden Bay’s Privilege Restaurant. 

One of the Privilege Restaurant’s dessert options, the tasty Napoleon Crème Slice made with layers of wafers and butter cream.


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