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by Jul 8, 2021Taste

Here are some of the new experiences you can look forward to at the award-winning Stush in the Bush nestled on the elevated plains of FreeHill St Ann. Changes have been made to the dining experience to protect both staff and guests. The most obvious one is the new location. But there’s more. Who better to give us the details than Stush in the Bush principal Lisa Binns.

Dining at Stush in the Bush is now al fresco atop the Fig Tree Deck.

“Luckily for us, our experiences are had in the fresh, open air,” Lisa informed. “Our spaces are designed to reflect our philosophy of living, and we value nature and being outdoors most of all. We started Stush in the Bush with the concept of small, intimate, farm-to-table dining experiences, but the demand drove us up to a maximum capacity. Our intention is to return to that… to create small nooks for couples, tables for family and friends, returning to al fresco dining experiences out on the farm where there is abundant space. We are opening each section independently, starting with the Fig Tree Deck, where we curate a bohemian, earthy dining vibe.

Stush in the Bush presents al fresco-style dining experience atop the Fig Tree Deck.

We are still offering seven courses, but with an element of surprise, individual packaging and leisure. And of course, we continue to be by reservation only, welcoming private groups and couples alike. Our staff have been utilising new protocols and with our currently in-progress renovations, spacing in the kitchen will allow guests to feel confident about food handling.

Grazing Board — plantain chips, pineapple croquette, jackfruit hummus, plantain ceviche, and smashed herbaceous guacamole

We are pumping up our product offerings and building a delivery stand, so that our guests will be able to experience Stush@Home. For us, it is important not to begin anything during COVID-19 that we don’t intend to continue, so offering products, our gourmet rustic pizzas and a few other items allows home cooks to add to their repertoire and gives them opportunities to ‘Stush’ up their cooking with things like coconut yoghurt, watermelon poke, kale pesto and other delicious additions at home. Virtually, we are cooking together apart with my Stush Cooking Club. While defunct for a few weeks, it has gotten a new lease on life and we intend to embrace that to a maximum of six socially distant in-kitchen participants, and 25 live “online” participants, with the option for others to pay-per-view again. It’s clear there is a desire to be more health-conscious and to be able to create that at home for your family is critical. Our thoughts about being locavores [eating/consuming what is here], and limiting imports, continue to be at the forefront of our minds, and all of our food creations.”

We absolutely concur with Lisa that people are ready, but not to go back, instead to go forward with new protocols and hopefully a fresh outlook on what dining out means… to eat locally, to eat fresh, to eat well, to eat ‘Stush’.

Photos: Naphtali Junior
Source: Thursday Food, Jamaica Observer. First published August 20, 2020


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