Marguerites Seafood by the Sea

by Jul 28, 2022Taste

A cool summer getaway in Montego Bay isn’t complete without a romantic sunset dinner for two at local fine dining restaurant Marguerites Seafood by the Sea.

The Jimmy Cliff Boulevard-based restaurant serves international cuisine that features freshly caught seafood alongside prime cuts of meat.

With every meal perfectly seasoned and prepared, it comes as no surprise that Marguerites Seafood by the Sea is a favourite among diners who travel from all over the globe for a taste of its delicious meals. However, the menu isn’t the only thing bringing diners through the doors of the dinner-only venue. The calming atmosphere, coupled with a sophisticated dining experience, is also credited for the return of many guests.

When the Jamaica Observer’s visited Marguerites Seafood by the Sea recently, we were blown away by not only the location of the restaurant, but its timeless and well-thought-out décor.

Although first opened to the public 43 years ago, it has stood the test of the time and is obviously being well maintained by its operators. The modern aesthetic and elegance of this fine dining restaurant were enough to heighten our appetites for the relaxing evening to come.

We were just in time to see the sunset which, we had heard, is more beautiful against the scenic view of the glistening Caribbean Sea here at the upscale restaurant. That proved to be true and though the sunset signalled that the day was winding down, we were excited for the evening to come at Marguerites Seafood by the Sea.

A breathtaking view of the sunset during dinner at Marguerites.

From our table on the patio that offered a stunning view of the water, we perused the extensive menu that caters to the needs and preferences of every diner.

Choosing an appetizer was an easy task as had heard great reviews about the Black Truffle and Lobster Risotto.

It was better than expected, the risotto cooked to perfection and the lobster succulent. The truffles tied the meal together making it rich and flavourful.

For an entrée, decided on two of the restaurant’s most popular pasta dishes, the Treasure Cay Seafood Pasta and the Tijuana Shrimp.

The penne pasta dish was a mix of all our favourite seafood, cooked in a coconut lime cream.

Made with a mouth-watering citrus tequila butter and herb cream, the restaurant’s Tijuana Shrimp entrée is served with jumbo shrimp atop linguini pasta.

Both meals were tasty and worth trying the next time you visit.

Dessert proved to be the most difficult choice of the evening. That’s because, ahead of our visit we were told every sweet treat served at Marguerites Seafood by the Sea is the best.

We decided on a slice of the Oreo cheesecake and the Caribbean-influenced rum cake served with raspberry sauce and whipped cream. Yum!

This Oreo cheesecake is the perfect ending to an evening at Marguerites.

Like the sunset which welcomed us to the well-worth the visit restaurant, our desserts of choice were the perfect ending to a beautiful evening at Marguerites Seafood by the Sea.


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