3 mouthwatering meals at Blue Mahoe Restaurant

by Apr 17, 2022Taste

The Blue Mahoe Restaurant at Ocean Cliff Hotel is one of Negril’s best kept secrets. Situated along the West End cliffs, Blue Mahoe provides diners with not only a breathtaking ocean view, but also world-class international and local cuisine.

The great reviews shared of the fresh farm-to-table dishes being served at the western Jamaica establishment was enough to spark our curiosity, so the Jamaica Observer’s LetsTravelCaribbean.com decided to visit Blue Mahoe for lunch.

As we entered Ocean Cliff Hotel, we were immediately blown away by the beauty of the immaculately maintained boutique hotel. It was a sign of what was to come, setting the tone for our very memorable time at the restaurant.

With seating available both indoor and outdoor by the seaside, diners have the option of enjoying their meals while overlooking the glistening Caribbean Sea. When we visited, the weather made indoor dining the better option. This did not detract one bit from the day’s experience and ambiance.

One of Blue Mahoe’s chefs, Christopher Williams, recommended that we first try their crowd favourite, the beautifully garnished Jamaican platter. This aptly named smorgasbord of flavours consists of locally sourced curry goat, brown stew chicken, and oxtail. Servings of rice and peas, fried bammy and fresh vegetables provide the perfect balance to the hearty servings of meat cooked to perfection.

Blue Mahoe’s Jamaican platter.

The large portion was a bit intimidating but the platter perfectly captured the essence of local favourites in one meal without being too overpowering.

As Jamaicans would say, Chef Williams definitely ‘put his foot’ in the dishes. It was all absolutely delicious and our lunch was off to a great start.

We were excited to try the Blue Mahoe Stuffed Chicken and the Blue Mahoe Shrimp Pot next. Both meals were also recommended by Chef Williams, so we knew we were in for a treat with these well-prepared Blue Mahoe specials.

Chef Williams’ Blue Mahoe Stuffed Chicken deserves a medal and all the accolades it can possibly receive. Perfectly seasoned chicken breast with callaloo and cream cheese stuffing is garnished with grilled pineapples and served with a side of rice and peas.

The delicious Blue Mahoe Stuffed Chicken.

The first bite was truly memorable as the different flavours brought the meal together. The grilled pineapples complemented the tasty callaloo and cream cheese stuffing that Chef Williams made.

The Blue Mahoe Shrimp Pot is a tasty treat for shrimp lovers wanting to try something new. It is a one pot creation of curried shrimp with rice and peas served with local callaloo on the side.

The Blue Mahoe Shrimp Pot.

It looked as good as it tasted, making it quite obvious that Blue Mahoe takes pride in the way they serve their meals.

Our afternoon at the Blue Mahoe Restaurant came to an end after three mouthwatering meals made by Chef Williams.

LetsTravelCaribbean.com was thrilled to have visited one of Negril’s best kept secrets.


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