FINE JEWELLERY, made with love

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Hand-crafting fine jewellery, once a hobby, is now a way of life for Melisha Coke. Working on pieces not only allows her to channel her inner creativity but also gives her a sense of accomplishment.

“I feel so good when other people wear my jewellery and they reach out to me and tell me that they love it. Or sometimes they will purchase [something] as a gift, and whomever they buy it for loves it as well,” she tells

A customer admires one of Coke’s pieces.

Since 2018 Coke has been operating her business, Aisha’s Inspiration made with love, from the FDR Resort in Runaway Bay, St Ann, providing what she describes as a touch of Jamaica’s creative side to tourists who vacation there.

“Whenever the visitors come to my shop and see the jewellery, they are in love with them. The [pieces stand out because of the] whole colour coordination. They just have a different look from the usual jewellery. They are often surprised that the pieces are handmade as well,” she says.

The 34-year-old has been making the jewellery she herself wears for years, pieces that complement the rest of her trendsetting outfits.

“My mom was a fashionista and I used to just love dressing up in her stuff. I always used to remodel her broken jewellery and wear them. People [would often] ask me… where I got my stuff, because they were so unusual,” she says.

In addition to being able to jazz up her outfits, making the pieces has also being therapeutic — an added benefit. Depending on the style, it may take a few days to come up with a design.

“When I sit down and grab my tools and materials I feel so relaxed and at peace. Nothing is better than doing something that makes you happy and comfortable at the same time,” says Coke.

“I don’t have a picture in my head about what I’m making but I just let my hands do the talking because I’m inspired by God, and the work turns out to be amazing. Sometimes I even do stuff and I don’t think it is cute but people love it,” she adds.

The constant compliments from peers, and even strangers, gave her the confidence to start her business three years ago. Last year was a rough one because of the impact of the novel coronavirus, but she managed to leap that hurdle and continues to make a name for ‘Aisha Inspirations made with love’.

“The pandemic hit me hard but I pushed myself. I wouldn’t stop until people heard of me. Right now I have people calling from all over asking me to do shows. People love my work so I feel proud of myself,” Coke says.



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