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ON the last day of March, the month when women are celebrated around the globe, LetsTravelCaribbean.com brings you the stories of phenomenal women who are blazing a trail in the tourism industry. Among them:

Jennifer Griffith

Jennifer Griffith — permanent secretary in the Ministry of Tourism who shaped the master plan, the Tourism Enhancement Fund, the Tourism Workers Pension Plan and the ministry itself.

Heidi Clarke

Heidi Clarke — executive director of the Sandals Foundation which has already changed the lives of millions and has a lot more planned with its ‘40 for 40 Initiative’.

Anna-Kay Tomlinson

Anna-Kay Tomlinson — chef & owner of Miss T’s Kitchen, which was recently voted the Caribbean’s best.

Diana McIntyre-Pike

Diana McIntyre-Pike — the doyenne of community tourism who is at the helm of the Countrystyle Community Tourism Network. It’s for entrepreneurs wanting to invest in community tourism by offering products and attractions that build on natural, cultural and human capital.


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