What’s the future of Caribbean tourism?

by Sep 15, 2021Pulse

On World Tourism Day, September 27, leading players in the industry will dedicate an entire day towards exploring what’s ahead for Caribbean tourism. This unprecedented collaborative effort brings together 11 agencies and institutions related to tourism and key ancillary sectors, working to address unique challenges posed by COVID-19 and other threats to the future of tourism in the region.

Expanding upon this year’s World Tourism Day theme, ‘Tourism for Inclusive Growth’, established by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) – the United Nations agency responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism – the virtual conference will emphasise collaboration as an important element in the growth and development of the region’s primary revenue earner.

Themed, “The Future of Caribbean Tourism – Redefining the three S’s”, the event will explore the challenges, opportunities and best practices for tourism resilience and recovery. The three S’s have been identified as social inclusion, sustainability, along with smart destinations and businesses, and will inform the thematic sessions to guide the discussions.

Participants will include leading regional and international agencies from the public and private sectors, as well as nongovernmental partners in academia, health and other interests.

Tourism is by far the leading economic driver in the Caribbean, the world’s most tourism-dependent region, and its impact goes far beyond direct spending by travellers as it fuels economies, spawns new businesses, provides linkages with other economic sectors, and generates the tax revenues essential to the building of infrastructure and provision of government services. Given this pivotal role, the partner agencies want to ensure the three priority areas identified are central in the region’s recovery strategies.

The September 27 event is expected to build momentum for an action-oriented new dawn of smart partnership and advocacy for the successful, safe, and sustainable restoration of Caribbean tourism.

Register at https://bit.ly/3AcqZhX.  

More info at https://bit.ly/3yXhhOV.


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