Voluntour in Grenada

by Mar 17, 2022Pulse

Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) has launched a Voluntourism Programme for visitors seeking to engage with the local community and culture while making a tangible impact. 

Group of young people cleaning beach area. Volunteer concept

This in response to trends which indicate that travellers are looking for experiences that allow them to connect deeper to a destination, support sustainability, and positively impact the places they visit.

“For travellers, voluntourism provides an intimate and memorable experience which allows them to make deep and meaningful connections with our local community whilst leaving a positive footprint on the island.  We want to connect through their hearts and passions, which will in turn increase their propensity to return to the island. We want to join together to be better global citizens and be intentional about ensuring a positive impact and bringing about positive change,” said the GTA.

Voluntourism opportunities are available year-round in a variety of sectors such as agriculture, environment, education, and health.


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