TEF pumps $7 m into health care

by May 26, 2022Pulse

Residents and visitors who find themselves in need of services provided at the Mandeville Regional Hospital in Jamaica will be happy to know that the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) has been working to help improve services there.

“The contribution will enhance [the hospital’s] capacity to deliver better health care for our people… So, first and foremost, the ability to respond to our citizens, but also to position ourselves as a place where visitors can come and enjoy good health-care facilities,” said Southern Regional Health Authority (SRHA) Chairman Wayne Chen in reacting to the fund’s efforts.

Dr Everton McIntosh (left) in dialogue with CEO of Mandeville Regional Hospital, Alwyn Miller (second left); TEF chairman, Godfrey Dyer; and TEF executive director, Dr Carey Wallace during the handover of $7-million worth of medical supplies and equipment to the hospital on May 10.

TEF joined forces with SRHA to purchase $7 million worth of equipment for the hospital. Handed over earlier this month, the items included ventilator filters, catheters, patient support stretchers, oxygen flow meters, blood analysers, and cartridges. Its executive director, Dr Carey Wallace, explained the thinking behind the move.

“Enhancing destination Jamaica means enhancing the facilities, especially the health services here on the island. The destination that our visitors travel to must have that assurance that if anything should go wrong during their visit, there is efficiency in services to ensure they are safe and healthy,” he said.

The novel coronavirus pandemic, Wallace added, has placed health and safety among factors considered by visitors booking a destination.

 “As such, TEF looks at opportunities to shape up our health services across the length and breadth of Jamaica, particularly in our resort towns. We are pleased… to see that the equipment that was purchased is here and that the services at the hospital will continue to be at the high standards that we expect,” he added.

Hospital CEO Alwyn Miller welcomed the donation, describing it as one of the most significant received over the past two years.

“It has come at the right time, and we are indeed grateful to the Tourism Enhancement Fund for donating and assisting the hospital,” he said.


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