Montserrat offers training for tourism stakeholders

by Nov 10, 2021Pulse

Montserrat’s Director of Tourism, Warren Solomon, has hailed as timely a recently completed training workshop for tourism stakeholders.

“This training could not have come at a more opportune time, with our borders going through the second phase of its re-opening,” said Solomon. “One of our objectives in making these training opportunities available to our stakeholders was to ensure that no one lost their edge during the period of inactivity when our borders were closed and successful participants would also be designated as Montserrat Service Ready.”

A total of 24 tour guides, tour operators and taxi drivers participated in the one-week workshop. The first two days consisted of classroom instruction done remotely. The remaining days were a combination of classroom and practical sessions, where participants were assessed as they conducted tours around the island.

“The programme was very well-received and participants have adopted a more professional approach in discharging their duties,” said Rosetta West-Gerald, Product Development Officer at the Montserrat Tourism Division.

“Many are quite keen to put into practice what they would have learnt… and we are also encouraging them to offer tours to the local community and to those nationals returning home who may have lost touch with Montserrat over the years. This would certainly enable them to sharpen their skills and continually improve their service delivery,” she added.

Montserrat’s borders are currently opened to fully vaccinated travellers arriving by air – the island still remains closed to cruise lines. There is a mandatory five-day quarantine for arriving passengers; they are tested on day three or day four and released on day five once the results are negative.


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