Getting TPDCo’s seal of approval

by Sep 8, 2021Pulse

Jamaica’s tourism entities are working hard to ensure that they achieve — and hold onto — the Tourism Product Development Company’s (TPDCo) COVID-19 Compliance Certificate. The TPDCo does constant checks to ensure compliance with the COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols that have been implemented for the reopening of the sector.

“Generally, we go in unannounced and, in a casual fashion, …discreetly inspect to ensure that the protocols are in place,” said TPDCo Acting Executive Director, Stephen Edwards.

“What we have found is that, by far and by large, the tourism entities are doing the most that they can to remain in compliance,” he added.

While there are general guidelines in place, the TPDCo recognises that there can be no one size fits all approach. Staff are expected to identify gaps and offer solutions for those that fall short, to ensure they achieve compliance.

While work initially began inside the Resilient Corridors, the TPDCo now also monitors entities outside those beyond the safety bubble.

“In order to ensure compliance, our staff has been monitoring spaces outside of the corridors as well, to make sure that visitors are not venturing outside and to ensure that the integrity of the corridors is maintained,” Edwards said.

There are three COVID-19 Resilient Corridors – the North Coast from Negril to Port Antonio, the South Coast from Milk River to Negril, and the Kingston Business District (New Kingston and its environs).


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