Caribbean artists for Virgin Atlantic gallery

by Aug 17, 2022Pulse

Virgin Atlantic is putting local artists from the Caribbean at the forefront of its Upper Class experience thanks to its art gallery in the sky.  Available throughout Virgin Atlantic’s fleet, the gallery will showcase some of the many incredible artists who hail from the Caribbean.   The art will take centre stage in Virgin Atlantic’s industry leading social spaces, including its onboard bar and loft concepts.  The art is available across Virgin Atlantic’s global route network, which spans the US, Caribbean, China, India and South Africa. 

“The Caribbean is at the heart of Virgin Atlantic’s leisure programme and we love to celebrate our destinations whenever we can.  Living in the Caribbean myself, I know the art scene across the islands is absolutely incredible and I’m so proud we can share it on the world stage where it belongs. I’m thrilled we can reaffirm our commitment to the entire region by showcasing each of these unique, brilliant artists,” said Hannah Swift, Country Manager, Caribbean, Virgin Atlantic.

Featured artists include:

Michelle Bowe is a self-taught Bajan artist who is inspired by the beauty of the island she lives on.  She uses famous Barbados scenes as inspiration, particularly marine life, flora and fauna.

Heidi Berger takes inspiration from the beauty and dignity of the people of Barbados, particularly the island’s women.  She loves the tactile and weathered surfaces of mixed media – especially those involving wax. 

Grenadian born portrait artist, Roxanne Marquez-Augustine’s love for people and animals is reflected in her paintings.  She works with acrylics on canvas, using bold colours and capturing the personalities of her subjects to the best of her abilities.

Pelicans and flamingos are popular in Sally Harker’s work in which she’s developed a unique technique of painting on wooden shingles using oil paint and gold leaf. The resulting pieces have a textured, almost sculptural quality.  She’s the owner of Fig Tree Studio Art Gallery in Antigua, where she sells her own paintings and the work of other established artists.

The portfolio also features the work from artists including Arnold Toulon from St Lucia, Chris Thomas from Tobago and Suelin Low Chew Tung from Grenada. 

Full list of featured artists

  1. Bernard Hoyes (Jamaica)
  2. Alison Chapman-Andrew (Barbados)
  3. Arnold Toulon (St Lucia)
  4. Chris Thomas (Tobago)
  5. Princess Bilinda Johnson (Barbados)
  6. Dana Sikkens (Barbados)
  7. Donel Pysadee (Grenada)
  8. Lethe (Tobago)
  9. Diogenes Ballester (Puerto Rico)
  10. Earl Darius Etienne (Dominica)
  11. Andrea McLeod (Grenada)
  12. Doliver Morain (Grenada)
  13. Heidi Berger (Barbados)
  14. Suelin (Grenada)
  15. Sallie Harker (Antigua)
  16. Roxanne Marquez-Augustine (Grenada)
  17. Reggie Medford (Barbados)
  18. Prensnelo (Grenada)
  19. Nicholas Hadeed (Antigua)
  20. Hulda Guzmán (Dominican Republic)
  21. Julianne Gill (Barbados)
  22. Kirsten Dear (Barbados)
  23. Kraig Yearwood (Barbados)
  24. Laura Ward (Barbados)
  25. Marilda Weatherhead (Barbados)
  26. Michelle Bowe (Barbados).


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