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How it all began:

Adam Stewart, Founder and Executive Chairman of the company, was enchanted by the beauty of the continent of Africa, seeing the boundless nature of the environment unfold and realizing that the Caribbean had just as much untapped wonder in store. Launched in Jamaica in 2009, Island Routes achieved rapid expansion to Antigua, Aruba, the Bahamas, Barbados, Grand Cayman, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Mexico, Saint Lucia, Sint. Maarten and Turks & Caicos.

The journey

Since then Island Routes has been dubbed the Caribbean’s fastest growing tour company. An independent operator of curated excursions and experiences in the region, Island Routes houses 748 tours (in pre-COVID times) spread across their owned tours and 118 tour partners; from off-the-rack experiences to exclusive and made-to-order adventures.

Something for everyone

Island Routes offers a wide selection of day tours and exclusive experiences on land, air and sea. Its day tour options provide guests with ready-made, trailblazing experiences while its Private and Bespoke Collections answer the call for privacy and exclusivity in the great, big, outdoors.

The Island Routes Private Collection is a ready-made selection of exclusive experiences, thoughtfully put together with the privacy of guests in mind.

Though coming from a similar ideation, the private and bespoke experiences are not the same.

The Island Routes Bespoke Collection is made-to-order from guests’ requests. These bespoke experiences allow guests the intimacy of creating their very own wonderlust experience. Guests can dream up their ideal island getaway and the Island Routes team will bring it to life. Weeklong itineraries or fully immersive day trips are a dream come true with these completely customizable options. They have even partnered with island designers to curate exclusive tablescape and culinary dining experiences, enhancing each bespoke offering.

The things that matter

As a company, Island Routes has a tremendous impact on the communities in which they live, work and play. As a whole, their efforts are responsible in large part to supporting and contributing to the success and livelihood of small local tour companies, farmers, operators, etc. and tour profits on select experiences go back to the Sandals Foundation.

It’s in their DNA; whatever they do/sell, must be sustainable and positively impact the lives of those in the community.

Island Routes works with local operators, owners, and entrepreneurs to ensure that the environment they come in contact with remains for years to come.

As at December 2020, Island Routes in partnership with the Sandals Foundation has seen the following milestones:

  • Marine/forested areas supported – 14
  • People who received marine awareness training – 55,471
  • Pounds of garbage collected – 62,757
  • Turtles safely hatched – 113,827
  • Trees planted – 17,694
  • Coral fragments out planted – 10,401

Award winning

  • 11-time Six Star Diamond Awardees of the American Academy for Hospitality Sciences;
  • 10-time World’s Leading Caribbean Attraction Company by the World Travel Awards;
  • 8-time Caribbean’s Leading Adventure Tour Operator by the World Travel Awards and
  • 14-time TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Awardees.

Allow Island Routes to take you off the grid to explore nature’s untapped beauty whether by land, air, sea or even underground.

Being Caribbean nationals themselves, the Island Routes team is specially equipped to guide you through the islands on any terrain through any scape, turning amazing adventures into once-in-a-lifetime experiences, to be relived one memory, photograph or conversation at a time.


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