BLUE HOLE: Daredevils welcome

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Located off the beaten track 20 minutes southeast of Negril is one of Jamaica’s hidden gems, Blue Hole Mineral Spring — the perfect place for daredevils wanting to experience the island’s outdoors.

As the name suggests, the spring sits below a cavernous opening some 25 feet below land and it’s completely encased by limestone. The minerals in the 35-foot-deep body of water are believed to relieve aches and stress, and swimmers often claim to leave feeling refreshed. A therapeutic Blue Hole mineral massage can also be enjoyed using limestone found in the spring to exfoliate and purify the skin. It helps that the edges around the natural spring water are shallow enough for non-swimmers, using life jackets, to sit and stand.

Visitors who decide to remain on land will not be left out as there’s also a ground-level swimming pool filled with the same therapeutic water found inside the spring.

But thrill seekers who want to be beneath the earth may either choose to jump into the sparkling turquoise water below or use the thoughtfully placed ladder for a more subdued descent. Whichever method of entry you choose, you’ll discover a portal into Jamaica’s hidden paradise at the Blue Hole Mineral Spring.

When journeyed to Brighton District for a visit to the often-talked-about mineral spring, we were greeted by friendly locals eager to share the history of the 11-year-old attraction.

With its rustic design, Blue Hole has spades of its own brand of charm. There’s lots of camaraderie between staff and visitors who take turns diving from a platform, some even plunging 55 feet into the spring from overhanging trees.

 Amid the cheers visitors aimed at their daredevil peers during our visit, one woman was heard screaming, “You have a child at home!” as her husband dove into the deep blue waters. His reply, “Honey, water is life!” came between excited cheers as he resurfaced in the spring.

This was enough to encourage her to jump in soon after. 

Adults who bring along the entire family usually enjoy the best of both worlds. After a swim in the mineral spring, they tend to join their young children in the mineral pool. Sport lovers also have the option to play a game of volleyball at the attraction’s court with friendly staff members.

After working up an appetite, what could be better than a truly authentic Jamaican meal? Our afternoon got even better with the explosion of flavour from the wide variety of seafood dishes offered at the Blue Hole Mineral Spring’s open-thatched-roof restaurant. The seafood served up daily is always freshly caught in the neighbouring fishing village of Little Bay. We recommend the steamed fish served with what we locals call ‘crackers’. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, like we did, try their curried whelks; you will not be disappointed. Oh, and there’s also a kids’ menu so the little ones are not left out of the fun.

One thing to note: Be sure to take enough cash with you for lunch and the entry fee as Blue Hole doesn’t take cards.

On the other hand, we give the attraction high marks for its strict adherence to the safety protocols in place to curb the spread of COVID-19. When we stopped by, visitors and staff wore masks unless they were diving into the depths of the inviting mineral spring. There were also signs across the property to encourage social distancing and well-placed hand sanitizer dispensers for regular cleaning of hands.

All in all, it was an afternoon well spent.

When you do decide to take that trip to Blue Hole Mineral Spring in Brighton District, be sure to tell them encouraged your visit.


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