The Spa of Love

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BEING able to offer her customers exemplary service has been the highlight of Donna Callow’s days since she established Nasirah’s Spa in Ocho Rios, St Ann, in 2013.

Owner of Nasirah’s Spa in Ocho Rios, Donna Callow.

Callow’s staff, likewise, are keen on making a visit to Nasirah’s memorable.

“When a client walks through our door it means they are here to relax and rejuvenate the mind and body. If a client is having a bad day and visits the spa, when they are leaving their experience should be unforgettable. When customer service is good, the business will flourish,” Callow told

Keisha Hunter, who has been working with Callow since 2013, contributes to that experience.

“I love my job because I feel good when my customers are pleased. It puts a smile on my face to know that when someone comes in to us they always come back because of great we make them feel,” said Hunter.

Resident hairstylist at Nasirah’s Spa, Keisha Hunter in the process of styling a client’s hair.

“Since working here I also learned a lot of stuff. I’m now advanced in cutting hair and I started as a beginner. I’m advanced at colouring hair and I know about doing nails also, so I’m benefiting,” she added.

The spa’s name was coined by merging her daughter’s names, Naseen and Asirah, as Callow’s way of further expressing the love she has for the girls. Thus, all services offered are done with passion at ‘The spa of love’.

“We do everything as best as we know how to so when the clients leave here they are well and happy. I love to see the smiles on their faces and hear them speak about how great the service was, because I know I’m doing something right,” Callow added.

“I have customers who make sure they visit us whenever they travel to Jamaica, even after three years, because they were pleased with our service.”

Callow got the idea to establish Nasirah’s after realising that there was a need for a spot that offered all luxury services in one location in the resort town. 

“When I moved to Ocho Rios from Kingston in 1994 I would be going to different areas to do my services — one to do my hair, one for nails, one for my body — and it was not convenient. So I just decided that I would be the change and start something that offers everything under one umbrella,” she told

“This is a luxury that I offer to Ocho Rios. I offer hair, nails, facial, massage, waxing — all under one roof. I also wanted to offer the services because I know how important it is to give the body some sort of relaxation, so starting the spa would allow me help others to experience the great feeling,” Callow added.

Tanesha Davis, a loyal customer, has attested to the exceptional services she has been receiving for over eight years. 

“The thing I love about Nasirah’s is that I can always get an appointment. They are timely and the staff is very friendly and professional. I always come back here because the service is amazing. I also love to do my daughter’s hair because they are very friendly with kids,” Davis said.

Callow admitted that business has been rewarding over the years, for the most part, but like many other companies Nasirah’s has been feeling the economic pinch brought on by the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

“Things started out great for me. I built my clientèle and trained my staff professionally so they only offer the best. Since COVID things went downhill but I will continue to do my best because my customers depend on me for their services,” said Callow.


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