Falmouth Mystic: MORE TO COME

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When Rasheed Williams decided to put his first boat into the waters of Falmouth’s famous Luminous Lagoon in 2012, he knew he had to do something different. Already there were a number of other vessels ferrying visitors and locals to experience the jaw-dropping sight of the incandescent water that comes alive with even the slightest ripple.

To give his Falmouth Mystic Lagoon Tours an edge, the former Internet technician decided to add an entertainment package, something none of his competitors was offering.

“We incorporated entertainment… for the same price. We actually put in a fire and limbo dancer; he is a contortionist. So, our package now… is luminous lagoon and limbo party. …That is what makes us different,” Williams tells LetsTravelCaribbean.com.

The fire show at Falmouth Mystic in Trelawny is a popular part of the entertainment package.

The glistening body of water alone would have been enough for some. Said to be the largest and most brilliant of four in the world, the Luminous Lagoon is one of Jamaica’s most famous attractions, captivating locals and visitors who want to experience its sparkle at night. The waters are home to millions of dinoflagellates, microscopic organisms that produce an eerie glow. Their light reflects the outlines of fish and other objects in the water.

After being captivated by the lagoon and a thrilling show by Mystic Lagoon Tours’ fire eating contortionist, guests have usually worked up a healthy appetite. So although he initially had no intention of getting into the food business, Williams eventually decided to give his guests what they wanted.  In 2018, when he moved his operations to its current spot along the lagoon, he added a restaurant.

“Gradually, because of the demand, you cannot have an excursion without a restaurant,” he explains, adding that his eatery now boasts the best jerk chicken that side of Jamaica and the food is top notch, overall.

“Most of the guests that come here miss dinner because of the time [of the tour] and therefore it’s good that they can have something to eat. They love the food here and so we ensure that [it] is always good,” he says.

Even though Falmouth Mystic is now regarded as one of the top tours on the lagoon, Williams has plans to offer his guests even more.

Guests get ready to enjoy a night tour of the Luminous Lagoon.

“We have four boats now, but we have another two finishing up right now which should join them soon and make it six,” he discloses.

There is also a plan to add a catamaran for cruises at sunset. This is expected to be a major hit with visitors when it comes on stream in just a matter of weeks.    

“We are going to be doing a sunset cruise, going up by the hotel and bring it down back, so it’s going to be like a sunset luminous tour. That is a different product from what every other catamaran offers. They offer sunset cruise, but we are offering sunset luminous,” Williams says.

He also has plans to expand.

A second bar will be added to the expansive property, to make it more convenient for guests, and there are plans to rebuild the jerk centre and add a second gift shop.


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